Thinking about topics

I was doing some brainstorming the other day and wanted to pass on some topics I think would be awesome to get out there to the radio world.

One of the first ones that hit my brain was on marketing yourself, so I am rounding up my guest on that and we are going to do a series on marketing and lots of juicy stuff within that. Sounds like interesting stuff! I am excited!

I also want to get Recruting part 3 going with something on Developing your managers and How to run a Unit meeting and also stuff on retaining your Downline. OMG that is 3 more shows, right there!

Fall is coming and that means it is getting closer to tax time ! YUCK! I do want to do a show on preparing for the tax dude and things you need to have ready for them and what kinds of things you can deduct and what types of things you need to keep track of.

Well that is about 2 months of shows! LOL Anything you would like to see in particular??

Ciao! Chris

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