Plan Ahead for an Explosive New Year!

The year is fast winding down! WOW! But this brings to mind, What are you going to do about “Next Year”? Have you made a plan and your goals for the coming year?

Now is an awesome time to do that. As you are working on your parties and activites for Jan and Feb, think about how you would like to focus your business. What type of activites are you going to use to promote it? If you are mainly internet based, how can you add a local customer base? If you are mainly local customer based, add a web based feature. Having both areas in your business will expand your potential customer base from which to draw.

Make a dream board or update your current one. Having your focus visually will increase your business activity and will keep you headed down the path you would like your business to go.

Make a weekly, monthly and yearly plan for your business even if is as simple as adding 1 customer a week or 1 recruit a month and you will see your business explode in the coming year.

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