Is Your Business Being Restricted?

I thought I would share a bit today about someone who asked for
some advise on the message board about her business and the fact
that the company she signed up for was very prohibitive
in their policies. Her first thought was that her business was
being restricted from growing.

Lets look at this from another point of view. Most DS businesses are
geared to grow through personal contact. You talk to people. Share
your goods and services and business opportunities.
Direct Sales is Based on Personal Contact. Ok, so What if you
can’t have a website. Does that mean you are stopped from using
message boards and forums to grow your business? Not really.
So you can’t use print advertising or the name of the company in
print. Does that mean you cannot make a generic ad for your
business? Not really.

What I am trying to say is that since the concept of door to door
sales and DS as a whole was conceived, it has been about Personal
relationships and not about how good your ad was or how many you
blasted out in the world. You mainly grow your business by talking to
people, finding their likes and filling that need. Period!

Sure there is going to be some people that have mainly done online
sales and that is great. But in our world of DS, the more you do
offline, the greater your sales will be. Offline contact will feed
online sales as well, so they do go hand in hand. But focusing on
personal contact and one on one relationships, you will be

Read your contract again and then read between the lines. It tells
you all of the things you cannot do. But look for the things you
can do. Focus on those and do them well! You will be a success
and not have to be frustrated any more.

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Have an awesome week!

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