How is Your Presentation Stacking Up?

I guess Spring is officially here with the advent of Time Change!
What are your plans for the Spring with your business? Now is a
great time to refresh your business and your presentations.

When you do a presentation, are you talking about the product And
having Fun with your guests? Having a great time is key to doing a
wonderful presentation. Hitting on a few main elements of your
product benefits and the WHY the customer needs to have them will create great sales. Creating the Need is number one!

One great way to change your presentation is to go to a few other
parties done by other successful reps. It is Not necessarily a
party from your company. Attend parties you are invited to.

What does that representative do differently? Did she inspire you
to buy something? How did she present her items and incorporate
games or fun?

Always be open to changing your parties. Don’t let your
presentation become stagnant. Have several different
presentations create so you can change the display and presentation
to match the environment and the people.

Over the next few weeks on WahmTalkRadio , I will be
talking about party games. Some classic ones as well as new and
different things. If you have a great game you would like to share, come over to the message board at
DirectSalesTalk and share it. You may hear Your game on the radio, with your name and website acknowledged, of course!

Have a great and prosperous week!

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