Burn Out and Niche Marketing

I hope your week is going superbly! A few weeks ago on
WahmTalkRadio , Kelly was talking about Job Burnout and how we can bounce back from that. I wanted to put that into context as far as Direct Sales is concerned.

Running your own business is a huge job! Maybe more than some of
us expected when we signed up. Losing your fire, your spark, can
happen! If you think about all of the work that is involved with
our business, it can be a downer!

So, what can we do to find our light again? Niche marketing is a
really good way to focus and resurrect your business.

What the heck is that?? Well, if you think about all of the
different ways we can sell our product, recruit people and market
ourselves through fundraisers or special functions, each one of
those can become a niche market.

Say you are good at Leading people and chatting up people in the
store. Focusing on recruiting may be a plus for you. If you are
great at selling and love farmers markets, then working the shows
may be a great niche for you. If you are a great partier and love
party’s, then work your business that way.

Taking a break for all of the other aspects of your business for a
while and not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with all of the
business marketing methods is a great way to re discover your
business. Many, many women work only certain methods and they do awesome. It is like a breath of fresh air to your brain! LOL

Do some soul searching this week if you are feeling the pinch! And
if you are looking for an awesome place to advertise
your business, check out DirectSalesTalk. I put ALL of
the advertising on sale for the Summer! Summer is a Great time to pick up
customers and especially new recruits who need to pay off their vacation bills!

Have a great and Prosperous Week!!

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