Time Management For your Direct Sales Business


Let’s face it. No one has all of the time in the world. If we did, we wouldn’t be crying about how we can never get anything done. So what’s the big secret that all of the successful, professional multi – tasker’s have? Well, I’m gonna tell you. CALENDAR’S

Yup, that’s it. Hey, we all have calendars. So what’s the big deal? Well, it is not the fact that we have one. It is the fact that we know how to use one and follow it faithfully! Yes, you have to actually look at it and utilize it, ladies!

So, let’s get going. First thing you are going to want to do is find a calendar that is listed by day’s and then by hours. It is usually called A Week at a Glance or something to that nature. The reason we want that is so we can really utilize the best for our business.

Now that we have the correct one, the first thing you want to do is to put in your planner ALL of your personal business. Do you have a Doctors appointment? Sally have a dentist appointment? Mark in the time you pick up the kids. Go as far into your year as you can go. Don’t forget things like Bible Study. You always want to get there, but don’t have the time, so log it in. Block out the time. You will get there. What about your shopping day? Lunch with Sonia? Work in your son’s classroom? Log it! Everything you can think of. Don’t forget recurring things, like standing nail appointments or hair appointments and Church functions. Log in household time. If you like cleaning first thing in the morning, block it out. An hour a day, 5 days a week and your house stays clean. Wash on Monday, Kitchen and living room on Tuesday, Bathrooms on Wednesday, bedrooms on Thursday, you get the drift. Whatever works for you, but log it in your planner. This will be your “bible” for the first several months, so stick with it.

OK, now we have all of the personal thing’s logged. Next log in your work commitments. Do you work a full time job? Line out the time it takes you to leave and to get home as well. Do you work at home? Block out specific office hours. If you cannot work 4-5hrs straight, block out sections of the day. It can be in 2 or 3 chunks, whatever works for you. Some people work in the evening after the kids are in bed. That’s great but you do need an hour during normal work hours to return phone calls. Block it out.

Now you are going to assign your time within your work hours to actual functions. Say the first hour, you will work on phone calls; returning calls, making booking calls, customer service calls. You can also work on paperwork, organizing your office, labeling books, writing thank your notes or other correspondence, getting packages ready to ship out. Your second block of time can be for returning emails, advertising online, networking online. However you want to section out your day, do it. If you have a down line, make sure that they know When they can talk to you personally or expect a response from you. Be consistent. By having set office hours, you are making yourself accountable to others and making yourself professional in your job. This is not playtime. This is your Business! If you treat it like a hobby, then expect rewards like a hobby. If you treat it like a profession, then your rewards will be likewise.

Ok, is your calendar getting full? See how busy you really are? But do you see blocks of open time? The time after I pick up my child is our time together. I don’t schedule anything in there unless it is special. I start working again after he goes to bed. My days are split and it works out great for us. I don’t have to feel guilty for working while he is home, yet I get all of my work done and it seems to him like I don’t work. I live by my calendar. I put reminders in it, addresses and phone numbers, notes, everything. It has really helped me to organize my day and not waste a lot of time trying to remember what I was supposed to do. I open my calendar and know what my day will be like. It is a must for any work at home mom or those of us striving to get there!

copyright Chris Carroll 2006

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