Networking Events Really Grow Your Small Business

Networking Events Really Grow Your Business

What really is a Networking Event and how can I use it to better my business? That is the question at hand!

Everyone knows that advertising gets your name out to the public and becomes a way of growing your name recognition. But the true way comes of growing your business is by relationship building.

Networking events have become a great way to connect with others in business to develop a relationship with other like minded business owners.

One of the best venues is to join your local Chamber of Commerce. The chambers usually have monthly events and do a great job with them. Even if you are living in a small community, chances are you have a city or county chamber office. Larger areas may even have local networking groups as well. There are many networking groups dedicated to women and direct sales. Perhaps look for one in your area.

Attending these events with business card in hand is a must. Look for an interesting person to strike up a conversation with and get to know something about them and their business. Focus on meeting 3-4 people at the most to exchange business cards with. Any more than that and you will have a hard time remembering them. You are not there looking to gather as many cards as possible, you are looking for something in common your businesses could offer one another. Collect several cards from each person, so that when the need arises, you can refer your new found “partner” to a new customer. As we already know, referrals make your business go round!

After the event, drop a card in the mail with a note about your meeting at the event. Make it personal and make sure to include several more of your business cards as well.

At your next mixer, do the same thing, growing your contact list and continue developing the relationships of those you have already met. Soon you will have a great circle of contacts and referrals from the new “partners” you have met.

Developing your business this way is a sure fire winner. Becoming known in your community is another great way for name recognition and in the end, growth for your business.

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