Are you Burned out on Recruiting?

Do you sometimes feel burned out from recruiting all the time?
Do you feel like you just spin your wheels from replacing those
that never really do anything with their business? Do you
sometimes feel like you give and give and train and train, but it
is not working? Do you have more small
sellers that take most of your time than big sellers that only need
you once in a great while?

Well you are not alone!

How do you get out of the rut of recruitng the small, personal use
sellers verses the bigger “this IS my business” sellers that want
to work with you and learn?

Here is a trick that I use. Pre Qualify your Leads!

What does that mean, you ask? Well what it means is that you are
going to spend some time with your potential person and ask the a
lot of questions about WHY they want to join this business.
Questions like:

HOW are they going to work the business. WHEN are they going to
work their business. WHAT is their plan for their business. WHO
are they going to sell to. HOW much knowledge do they have in the
direct sales industry. HOW involved will they be in your team?
WHERE are they going to sell, share or show their products and
lastly WHEN are they available to go to 3 parties with you as their training and/or HOW are they going to be trained if they are not available or your
business doesn’t do parties.

By asking lots of questions, you are not putting them on the spot,
but you are letting them know that they are joining a team that is
serious about their business. If they are going to be
selling/buying for personal use, let them know that you are
available as much as possible, but you do focus on those that are
serious about the business and work it 100%. Your recruit may just
see the light and become a serious business partner. Make them welcome to
email you or join your yahoo group for information, but know You as an
effective leader are spending most of your time with committed reps.

Are you going to lose some potential reps? Maybe. But the ones
you end up with will be with you for a long time and will be committed to their
business. They will have your time
and focus because you are not off trying to help someone that is
not committed that will leave your company in 3 months anyway. That in the long run will be more profitable for you and your business.

Take a look at your downline and see where you spend the most time
and energy. Are you reallymaking a difference to the personal use reps? Or can you make a bigger difference by devoting
your time to those that crave your leadership!

Have a prosperous week!


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