Are you a Follower or a Leader?

Hey, I had a thought today I wanted to share with you. You know how
many times we are told to be a Leader and not a Follower? But we all need
to be Followers at some point, especially when we are starting a new
business or you have new team mates that are starting. You definately want
them to be a Follower.

I know you are probably saying “What the heck is she talking

Well, what I am talking about is the Art of Duplication! The best
training method known to Direct Sales! We all want our team members to
duplicate our methods or our companies methods for the highest reproduction in sales,recruiting, parties,fundraising and everything else.

Being a Follower means that you are duplicating a true Leader. If
your leader is holding 3-4 parties a week, don’t you want to do the same?
If your leader is recruiting and training 2 -3 people a month or more,
don’t you want to do the same?

Being a Follower is not a bad thing. It is the stepping stones to
being the Leader that others will follow in the same manner!

Have a great, prosperous week, Followers and Future Leaders!

Direct Sales Talk

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