I hate liars!

What do you really know about the industry you’re involved in?
Do you know that a huge percentage of direct sellers on line are laughed at? Here’s one of the reasons why:

the typical online direct seller has 3 to 11 various direct sales companies attached to their name
Could they honestly think that a “seasoned” direct sales person with tons of experience and a huge organization would want to join their team(s)?
I’m telling you this because these are REALLY the conversations people are having about online direct sellers! Sad but true.

Most people who get online to market their direct sales plans, duplicate what they already see! They’re in a sea of the same companies seen over and over again, bumping heads and competing for the “one sale” of the week!

On top of that, everybody has the best party room for you to showcase your products. I’m wondering if the question is ever asked about traffic? What about promoting the party, is it all left up to you to promote “their” website? Who’s being invited to the online party? Women who are already in a direct sales company not in the purchasing mood cause they’re trying to do the same thing you are? The list goes on and on… that’s why direct sales online is not taken seriously. Well, that’s just one of the reasons.

One of the main reasons people fail in this industry and online is because they have no clue how to form a plan and work the plan. Most people don’t have a clue what it means to follow the “system” that was put in place prior to them joining a company and when you tell them to duplicate the principles that have already been proven to work… they have a better idea!

I crack up at that. It’s hilarious!

When joining a direct sales company it’s not about what you “feel” and that everybody is doing this or that, and Tina makes a million dollars a week, and Sarah just purchased a billion dollar home… give me a break!

It’s about making a decision and commitment to something you know when you put your all in all in it, you will achieve what you desire.

Most people hate to see the phrase… “it’s your why that will keep you on track,” well, yes that’s true. If you don’t know the reason you’re in business, simply put it won’t last. If you don’t know what drives you to get up and stick to your plan… you’ll eventually quit. If you don’t know who is behind the company you’ve put 100% of your belief and trust in… how can you tell anyone else about it? If you don’t know the vision of that company and what they’ve put in place to complete the vision… how can you see it? How can you empower others with knowledge you don’t have and expect them to follow you in a company you have zero clue about?

My friend Regina Baker of Her-DirectSales.com and I have put together a survey for those in the direct sales and network marketing industry. Regina and I have over 25 years combined experience in this industry and have studied the various compensation plans, company structures, financial portfolio’s, product and service related developments of various companies. We both have dabbled in a few companies and understand the frustrations that most people experience.

We want to know what your challenges and questions are. Visit Avoiding Deception in a Direct Sales business and leave your comments today. We won’t use or share your name or email address in any way. We’ll also send you a free audio on Avoiding Deception in a direct sales business.

Don’t allow yourself to be another wall flower in somebody’s downline and company. Do your due diligence. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know until you ask.

It’s time to change the reputation and educate people on how to properly market direct sales online.

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