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Some one posted on a message board the other day asking for help with growing her business. One of the comments she made was that there was a really aggressive rep with another company in her town that she felt she had to compete with. But I ask you, do we really have to compete with aggressive reps?

Do you feel yourself getting caught up in their actions? Do you feel that you have to be aggressive to be successful and prosper? Does the fact that they may be taking some of your business aggravate you?

Personally, I feel that the aggressive rep sydrome is something that we do not have to compete with on their level. You can take it to a different level.

We all know that customer service is the most important part of Keeping and Growing our business. So turn the tables on the aggressive one and focus on pampering and treating your customers like gold.

An aside to this is to:
Remember that there are those people that you cannot make happy no matter what you do, so do not take it personally. There are those customers that I have gotten from aggressive or laxidasical reps that I had to solve problems from the past rep before I could create a new relationship with them, therefore delaying the process while dealing with their anger or issues. And there are customers that look for a new rep because of a lack of loyalty… They just don’t get our business, making it a bit harder to spoil them initially.

So what can we do to be true ourselves and our customers while still growing our business? Simple things like tieing a ribbon on the package and putting in some tissue paper. Return calls as quickly as possible. Accept returns without comment, unless they begin to abuse it. Remind them that this IS your business and then act like it. Thank them for their business Every time you talk to them.

There are hundreds of more ways to outshine your competition. I just wanted to get your thinking caps on today. You don’t have to become one of “them” , but you can sure grow your business in spite of Them!

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