Sales or Recruiting? Whats your Business Model?

How do you run your business?  Are you a sales based Direct Seller or a recruiting based Direct Seller?  Is there a difference, really?

I am a sales based direct seller.  I am of the mind that sales in the basis of our business and by using sales and the growth of your business as the main basis of your company, than you will have a stronger business overall.

This can be seen in the customer base and the $ in my pocket from sales.  I am of the belief that strong sales will lead to strong recruits.

Recruit based selling is a hard concept for me sometimes.  By putting the most eggs in your basket based on recruits and hoping that you will build your team that will support you if tough.  How do you make a living in the mean time, while you are building your team? 

It would make me nervous to expect a team to support me.  What if they all quit? What if they didn’t buy anything next month.  What if the party circuit dried up for them and their recruting efforts died?

Maybe I am too conservative, but that’s ok.  That is the beauty of Direct Sales.  We can all do what feels right to us.  And if one way doesn’t work, we can try another!





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