So You Found Your Show…. Now What?

What is the first thing you need to do??

Fill out the forms and send in exactly what the promoters want.  If they want pics, get some pics.  If they want licenses, get them!  By doing this professionally, you will become a professional and be seen as such.

Is this a juried Show, meaning are the jurors going to judge your products?  Send in the product needed.  99% of juried shows will not accept pre made items, so be aware of that if you are appling for juried shows.  If you make your own items, go for it.  Make sure your photos are Clear and Professional.

Check the fees  Can you afford them?  How much will you need to sell to make back the fee and then make a profit?  To find out, take an average price of your products and go from there.  Remember, if this is a first show, you are not going to move a lot of product unless you have an awesome, special and unique things, so take that into account before you sign up for a big $$ show.  You do not want to ruin your first experience on a big $$ show and have a small return.

Until next time!!
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