Thoughts about Inspiration

I was thinking today about what really inspire people.  What fires me up about my business may not be the same thing that fires you up.  What is a motivator for me, may be a Ho Hum for you. 

Or do you even think about that?

If your team leader or company is trying to inspire you, what can she/he do that gets your heart pumping?

Cash incentives?  Trips? Cars? Jewelry? Recognition? Increase in Profits? Business Tools?

You know, you can inspire yourself by using goals and your own prizes once you hit that goal. 

Set a new sales goal that is higher than last months… Can you hit it?  Have the most people at a party or get the most orders from a party than you ever have.  Recruit 1 more than last month.  Set a goal higher than your closest competitor, the one that is always neck and neck with you.  Can you beat her best month?

Do whatever it is that inspires you and gets your competitive juices flowing to increase your fun, increase your spirit and increase your back account.  But don’t forget the reward!!!!  And don’t stop when you reach that goal.  Set a higher one!




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