Plan Which Products to Sell at The Craft Show

Your show is chosen and now comes the bigger issue.  What product are you going to take?  How much will you need?

Now most of us have a chosen product line.  If your business is candles, then we can safely assume that candles will be coming to the show.  But, the size of the show may  change the mix of product I want to tote along.  If it is a smaller show that I have never done before, I may not bring along my entire line.  I usually only bring everything if it is a big show with tons of attendees and a proven track record.  I will bring a lot of smaller items that are easier to pack and move, and less of the larger items that are heavier and prone to breakage.  I do have a set amount of larger items that fill out my display and a great selection of scents and choices help as well.

One thing that I see a lot for first timer show vendors is bringing too much product.  This I caution you on because of a few reasons.

First, that means you are putting a ton of money into inventory that you may or may not be able to sell right away.  Tied up money is not a great way to start a business.

Second, You don’t know what the customer wants!  If you have 5 of one item that you think is super cute, trust me the customer will probably want something else.  Use shows to test your product line.  Track your sales at each show.

Third, it is heck to pack and unpack everything!  you want this to remain Fun.  Lugging a ton of product back and forth may not be fun to you!

So how much do you really need?  Enough to make your display look full and inviting.  A great selection of each type of product should be ample.  A great tool could be to check with your company and see what products sell the most overall.  A wide cross section of the people like the same type of things.  Company sales would show that.

Until next time! Have Fun!


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