Planning Your Display at a Craft Show

The art of selling product at shows definitely has a lot to do with how you display your work and items.  While it may seem that the product should sell itself, most find out that ambiance really helps!

The easiest way to plan your display is at home in your garage, way before your show happens.  Look to your product line for a theme and use that in the display.  Your theme can carry through the fabrics you use and the decorations all the way up to the bags you choose to wrap your products in after the sale.

Set up your tables in several different ways in the garage taking into account the size of your space (usually 10×10) and the layout of the tables.  Look for the smoothest flow of traffic and the best way to see all of your product.

One thing you do not want to do is have a small, uninviting table with some product laid on it helter skelter.  You want to create beauty yet effectiveness in your display.  Use boxes of varying heights to display your product on as well as the table.  Height creates drama.  Beautiful fabric is inexpensive, yet changes the look of your table in a flash.  Be careful on color selection.  You want your product to be the focal point.  Black is always a great backdrop.

Planning ahead what your display will look like will also help with set up and take down.  If you picture it in your mind having set it up several times, it will go  much faster.


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