Sales or Recruiting ~ How Strong is your Business?

I am really getting wound up about recruiting on the web and I just have to vent a little.

Now what could be so important to get Chris going?  It is the reps that Only recruit.  They do not focus on Sales – only recruiting. It is making me CRAZY!

Now I know some of you many be saying, so what is the “Big Deal”?  Well some of the old timers in Direct Sales business know what the “Big Deal” is.  Honestly, you cannot have a successful business by recruiting alone.  It just does not work!!!!  How are you going to  make sales quotas or move up without a strong sales plan?  How are you  going to teach your recruits How to sell the product without a strong knowledge of how YOU sell the product?  How are you going to support yourself and keep your business going if your recruiting takes a nose dive?  Can your business stand a 15% reduction in recruits if some decide not to renew this year?
Remember this.  Leaders get paid on the SALES of their recruits.  Just because you have 20 people in your Downline doesn’t mean you are rolling in the dough!  Your income as a leader is based on what the downline sells. If you are not selling the product, how can you expect your recruits to sell it?  This is not a “do what I say” business.

Having your business based on Sales rather than recruiting will mean you will have a strong basis for recruiting when you do decide that you can support a team.  Recruiting a team and being a leader is a committment to those recruits.  People that recruit others and then just disappear because of whatever reason, are not being fair to the new people they brought into the business. 

So what is the purpose of this vent? LOL  A simple reminder to build your business as a Sales based business First and then introduce recruits to the mix.  You will be a stronger leader and a respected one as well.

Have a great and prosperous week!!!!!



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