I want to nap

The changing weather always makes me want to nap.  I want to be lazy and lounge in the sun.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t work well for bring money in.  sighhhhhhh

Well I need to inspire myself! I have not be good about passing out my biz cards and samples around town lately.  So tomorrow I am going to make a fresh batch of sample bags, staple them to my card and brochure and get to passing them out.  I am going to get 50 passed out by next weekend.

I am also going to put together some product information, a full size sample and my sales basket and go visit some select retail stores that may want to carry my product.  Luckily, I am able to retail my products any way I want.  That is such a plus!  It gives great flexability!

What are you going to do to get your biz moving this sleepy week?  Easter is right upon us and time’s a wastin’!


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