It’s Craft Show Day! Tips to Get Set Up Fast

You have been working hard on preparing for your event.  The day is here.  Sleep is probably not an option for today as set up starts Early!  Hopefully you have found an event that you can set up some the day before.

Here are a few tips to get you set up fast and efficiently.

1) Unload everything from your car first then move and park your car in the designated spots.

2) Set up your tent first. Make sure you are within your section allotted. Do not not run over into another vendors space.

3) Tables and the positioning of them are next.  Visualize how you want your displays to face.  Take into effect the sun and keep product out of it if at all possible.

4) Table cloths and display pieces go up next, followed by product.

5) Set your money box up and any small table you will need for sales promotion, flyers, newsletter sign ups, etc.

6) Decorate your tables

7) Prepare to greet the customers.  Meet the other vendors as well, but respect the fact that they are working as well.  If customers come, stop talking and focus on the customer.

8) Enjoy the day!


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