Talk to your Customers

Talking to people at the event is so important.  Some folks will wander in if you have neat things to see, smell or touch.  To bring others in, you need to do some talking.

If you have a flyer made, you can use this to pass out to people walking by.  If not a simple greeting of “hello, are you interested in signing up for my drawing?”  Or “have smelled the newest scent, seen the latest XYZ?”  Whatever you are offering.  Some people use newsletters, basket drawings, booking gifts, and things of that nature to bring people into the booth. But talking is most important.

Be careful that you don’t give them too much information if they are interested.  Remember you have their attention for a minute or two. Trying to feed them all of the latest and greatest about your products or company, booking gifts or hostess program will only confuse them.  I have seen it before in action and it was not pretty!  The deer in the headlight look is your clue to relax and tell them you can contact them tomorrow.

Have fun and continue to smile even after 11 hours on your feet! You never know who your next big customer will be!

TTFN!  Chris

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