Managing Your Fundraiser!

Managing Your Direct Sales Projects

Many of us dread a major project, but in a work at home atmosphere, we certainly have a lot of them creep up on us. A major project could make or break our business so making sure it is handled properly is so important.

What type of project could influence our business so much in a Direct Sales arena? Well a fundraiser is the first thing that comes to mind. That is a huge project that is key for building business in Direct Sales. Or it can simply become a donation if it is not handled properly. A donation would be much easier to write a check and walk away but that is not the point of the project. So let’s make sure our major project is worth our time and money. Here are some key factors to remember for your time management.

? Make sure your time is budgeted property to see the project through.
Fundraisers take time to handle. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! Selecting, packing and delivering product = tons of time. If you don’t have the time, schedule the event at a time when you do.

? The time factor goes up as the participants increase.

? Keep the item selection low to reduce the packing time and the selecting errors low especially if you are the one packing and selecting!

? Keep the prices easy to calculate for the participants and mostly for you to reduce calculation errors. Whole numbers are best.

? Enlist help from participants. This gives you a check and double check system and cuts down the errors and therefore the time involved spent backtracking looking for errors.

? Keep the dates of the events at hand always and follow them closely. Your potential customers want to know when to expect their products.

? Have a contract with your client for your protection and theirs. Always keep it on a professional level even if you are doing it for a friend.

? Clear and concise instructions will save many phone calls and aggravation for you and your participants.

? Make it easy to sell your product. The easier it is to sell, the more someone will want to sell it. Again, clear and concise forms and direction will be key to your success level.

? Order a few extra items with the main order in case of breakage or shortage. This will save you from waiting for a second shipment and will get your product in the hands of the customers faster.

? Keep prizes simple and make sure there is no work involved for you other than providing them, should you be doing so.

By using these hints, you will ensure yourself a stress free event for you and your participants. Having a major project run smoothly will show your professionalism and professional fundraisers do know the difference. You want to make sure you are invited back again for another event. So keep it low key on your end. Make your product simple to handle, without a lot of issues and you will make it a successful event for you and your group.

You can grow your business with fundraisers by using your management skills. All it takes is a calendar and some planning time and you will be adding a whole new dimension to your direct sales business. And that means more customers and therefore more income. The name of the game!

Copyright by Chris Carroll 2006. Chris Carroll is a Direct Seller that focuses her business on helping others succeed. DirectSalesFundraising is one site she has dedicated to that mission.

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