Orders Rule

I was thinking the other day as I answered a post on a network about how we do orders in our business. We have a customer call us or we are at a party and sitting down with a customer to add up their invoice.

People are in line waiting to get to you to help them.  Or at home, the kids are crying and the other phone is ringing. Do you really take the time to upsell your customer?  Do you ask for additional sales?

When you go the Micky D’s, they annoy the heck out of us by asking if we want 2 hot Apple Pies for a $1. But did you ever stop and think how many people each day say yes?  Even if it is only 20 out of the hundreds that they ask at a particular store, that is 40 more pies they sell. That is $20 more bucks they add into their pockets and over the course of a month and year, that is big “bucks”.

Are you an Order Taker, like your waitress was today or are you an Order Maker and increase your customers sales with add on items that compliment their purchases.

If you ask each customer about adding one $5 or $10 item (depending on your line) today, how many more “bucks” can you add into your pocket?



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