Baby Your Customer

I am sure that you have heard of spoiling your customer before. But when you get right down to it, do you know what that really means?? Going over and above to keep your customer is an important concept in the direct sales business. This also means developing your customer thoroughly.

Now what the heck does that mean? You have already spent time and effort to get a customer. Now you need to spend more time and effort to show her everything your company can do for her. Show her all of the product lines that she may need in the future. Become the first go to person when she needs a gift or a special treat.

Occasionally reminding her of your services and deveolping that customer into a frequent buyer will save you money in the long run. Overall ,the cost of finding a new customer that buys infrequently is not as effective as keeping a current customer happy and a good shopper.

This is not to say that you should not be looking for a new customer. On the contrary! What I mean is that as you find your new customer, also spend time with her/him and develop them into a good customer. A very expensive one is a customer that buys one time from you and then never again. How much did that advertising cost? How many books did you give them? What free items or discount did it take?

That is what I mean by it being expensive.

Take good care and hopefully all of your customers will be customers for life and expand your territory and your blessings.

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