Farmers Markets Can Really Make a Difference

Whenever I talk about farmers markets, people kind of look at me funny.  Farmers Markets and Direct Sales don’t always fit.  Yes, it is true.  But depending on your product line, there may be some of your products that will fit into a farmers market.

Put on your thinking cap and look at your product line in a different light.  Go through your catalog and find the products that you could represent at a farmers market. 

Will they accept you and allow you to set up a table?  Most likely yes. If you are in a smaller community, the organizers may allow it.  If you are applying to  huge market, the answer may be no.  Some markets are specialty.  Some markets are whatever goes.

Take a trip to your market and some surrounding ones and check out the possibilites.  It is a committment but it can make a difference in your business through contacts and sales.


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