The Best Product to Sell

People often ask me about the type of product that sells the best at a show.  Not being one to judge someone’s love for their product, I guess I can’t actually answer, but what I can do is give you some parameters that may help your decision.

Small is key for me.  If I am shopping, what do I really want to carry around?  If you can’t go small, make sure you have really sturdy bags to carry it in.

Your items are kinda large or very large? Offer delivery or to hold it until the show is over or the customer leaves for the day.

Something unique and different is always good.  It maybe the same type of product 3 other vendors are carrying, but what is the twist?  How can you make yours stand out?

Handmade VS China?  Go as handmade as possible!  Shoppers are really trying to get back to USA products and support the home business.

What about in between?  Well, if you have a purchased item, what can you do to it to add some charm or decoration and change it up?  Creativity is a great tool.

I am a candle girl.  Candles are a dime a dozen at a show. I offer a creative display, unique purchasing vehicles like monthly auto shipments, specialty fragrances and waxes.  Even special tags to make it unique.  You can make a difference if you know what everyone else is likely to do. 

So what have you decided that you can sell?  Maybe the product is telling you!  Listen and learn.  Got too much product?  Only bring some of it.  Tailor it to the type of show.

There are tons of ways to use your product.  Have fun researching!


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