Getting your advertising dollars working for you

I have had several advertisers with me since the inception of Direct Sales Talk. Now these ladies know that their advertising dollars are working hard for them. WHY? Because they have not been hasty to remove their ads after 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. These ladies have been with me for over 2 yrs.

They have been maximizing their advertising dollars!

Business people in the know know that advertising doesn’t work quickly. It is a numbers game. It is name recoginition, over and over again.

Don’t be hasty in your advertising. Let the ad work for you. Refresh it now and again. But keep it where it can do the most work for the least amount of hassle. It will repay you time and time again!

Now… Are looking for a new business or want to change something in your work at home career? consider signing up with these leaders in their industry….

Evelyn Kevitz with Lia Sophia Jewelry and
Mitzi Keithly with Southern Living at Home

For more leaders that use specialized advertising, come over to Direct Sales Talk and do business with the best.


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