Handmade vs Premade Products

There is alot of contraversy regarding the products that are at shows.  Some shows absolutely do not allow any premade items at all.  Some shows allow a portion of the product to be premade and then there are shows that don’t really care.

So what gives?  Why the big fuss?

Understand that there people that handmake all of the their items.  The craft show started out as a venue for these crafters to sell their wares as it was hard to get them into stores and the church baazar wasn’t always working.  So for a handcrafter selling their crafts next to a seller that is buying from a wholesaler, it can be a big deal.  The hours that a crafter puts into their product is not something that can be adequately priced.  When you add up the supplies, the time to create the product and the price of the booth and getting there, most crafters are lucky to realize a small profit.  They take their craft personally.

I can understand that and I respect it.  I don’t have a problem paying more for something handcrafted over something manufactured.

That is why it is so important to include pictures of your product when filling out applications and to apply to shows that accept your particular craft and product.  Keep it honest and fair.


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