Booking Tips

Do you find yourself getting frustrated when it is time to get on
the phone and book parties, set apptointments or sell your product? Do you feel the phone get heavier and heavier with each dial? Are you giving up before you make any progress?

We have all been there! Trust me!

A few things to remember is that these people are usually your warm market. You know them or they have been in contact with you at some point before. They usually know your product and you. Keep an index card on your customers and notate what they buy and like. Note their family info, likes, dilikes etc. This is valuable info that can help start a conversation.

Also realize that bookings and making contacts go hand in hand.
You have to make X amount of contacts to book 1 party. Have you ever figured that number out? Taking into consideration some will cancel and not rebook, if you talk to 10 people for example, you can get 1 booking.

So talk, talk, talk. ASK, ASK, ASK. If you don’t ask, you won’t get the response you are looking for. Also, remember that if they say no, it is not a personal thing. Its a professional thing. Keep it separate.

Go through your contacts and see who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Let’s start a conversation!

Have a great & prosperous week!


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