Generating Publicity at Trade Shows

Generating Publicity at Trade Shows

By: Shannon Cherry, APR, MA

Generating Publicity at Trade Shows

A trade show is an exposition held for members of a common or related industry, generally with booths or displays to demonstrate one’s products or services. This event can give you the chance to connect with current and perspective customers and is also a great opportunity in generating publicity for you and your business.

Follow the tips below to ensure a successful and beneficial trade show experience:

1. Contact your targets before the show. Trade shows are a great time to push a new service or innovative product to the public. Be newsworthy by publicizing on something new. Send out brochures and teasers to clients and submit a news release to the media. By doing so, you will peak the interest of trade show attendees before they even leave the house.

2. Research the competition. By finding out about other booths and what they have to offer, you can better strategically implement ways for you and your display to stand out. Use research results to brainstorm ways to make your booth and its products or services unique and appealing.

3. Read the show manual. Reading the show manual can tell you the proposed or final schedule, registration information and forms, floor plans, exhibit specifications, and invitations for potential speakers.

4. Use the pre-show edition of trade publication for an advertising opportunity. For those who happen to have missed your booth or simply can’t bear the thought of stopping at every single one, you can capture their attention though an ad in a publication that you know will be given to them at the very beginning of the show.

5. Promote your booth on your website. By promoting your booth on your website, you will show up in Google or Yahoo search results when anyone types in anything relating to your field. You are also further encouraging interested clients who visit your website to physically get the chance to meet you and learn of your services and products. Your display will be a demonstration of the work you do, and a great booth can help potential clients to better make the decision to hire you.

6. Hire a great staff. Unless you’re one-hundred percent sure that you won’t be leaving the booth all day, you will need help. A staff can consist of only one person or it can be a team of six people; either way, make sure that those representing your booth know your business well and that they are equipped to answer any questions.

7. Have business cards handy. Give out business cards to anyone interested in your work. This way, they will have your contact information at hand if they decide to pursue your services, or they can check out your webpage if they are still considering.

8. Follow up potential leads in five days. To avoid feeling embarrassed because the potential client doesn’t remember you, you should not wait more than five days after a trade show to follow up.

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