Calendar Management or something like that

I was thinking the other day, and that in itself can be dangerous…

Do we sometimes shut the door on bookings because we are inflexible with our schedule?

Yes, we are always told to set our calendar and work by the calendar. If you don’t do parties on Mon, Wed, and Thurs, then make sure to block them off or only have listed the days you do want to work.

So what happens if without you knowing a potential hostess sees your calendar and thinks, “Heck Tuesday we have football practice, so I can’t do a party then and Sat and Sun is family night and we can’t do that. Oh and Friday we have dinner with friends and go bowling. Hmmmmmm, I guess I can’t do a party.” SOOOO, she never says anything. Would that bum you out?

So here is a twist that you can try or not. Leave your calendar as you would normally have it and write in it Options to the days that you cannot do parties. Noon time slots; 2-3 time slots on Saturday or Sunday. Maybe they think you can only do evening parties.

Book parties should have a slot as well…. Anytime. Have a line on each day for someone to fill in. Or a start day/time and end day/time like in 2 week increments.

What other things can you come up with to encourage addt’l bookings?

Flexibilty is important, because sometimes we cannot live and die by the calendar.


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