Maximize Your Book Party

Whatever you may call it ~ Book party, Party To Go, Party in A Box ~ a book party is a simple way to accomodate someone that just does not want to host a home show.

But we are extra flexible since we are wahms, so I expanded on a cool idea that I am going to share with you.

I have this neat large, heavy duty basket that I carry product around in when I am visiting clients and I sell product out of that inventory. So why not create a Party Basket that contains all of the things needed for a book party.

Catalogs, order forms, payment envelopes, pens, business cards, product for those that want to see, feel and smell your items, or even buy right away. Also the hostess bonus items can be in there. I am thinking that by having 2-3 of these baskets rotating around all the time would be a great thing and think of the exposure your business is getting the whole while.

How Fun Is That??

I’m telling you, I was excited just thinking of the possibilities of this, especially with the holidays coming up and time can be at a premium for some people.

Hey, here is another thought. This would be something that you can take to work for people to buy right off of you. One of my downline had a display of product set up at her desk all the time. She sold tons! Of course the boss has to ok it, but why not.

Enjoy using this idea. Let me know if you expand on it and use it successfully!


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