Lets Talk Consistancy

We all have a lot invested in our businesses. It is hard to blow off our business for someone that worked really hard growing it, babying it and watching those first steps. The struggles along the way molded our business. Right?

One of the key ingredients in our businesses growth is consistancy. We have to be deligent on customer service, shipping times, inventory. But one part of the business we can make an impact is with consistancy.

Now by this I mean, we are able to send orders in on a regular basis. We are on good terms with our suppliers and can get the products quickly if they are not on hand. We can regularly search for customers in the same manner. We work certian methods regularly so new customers can find us easily. We work our referral program with each and every customer.

Having a program in place for ordering, referrals, customer service and advertising that is consistant with your marketing message, Buy From Me Coz I Rock, will consistantly bring new business and repeat business your way. People like comfort and we can insure your customer that you are suppling it

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