Holiday Sales Techniques

Capitalizing on holiday sales is an important function in your direct sales business. Holidays are an important time in the year for anyone in Retail, even the big conglomerates. Everywhere we go we are blasted with ads to buy this or that. You cannot live without it, whatever It is. So how can a work at home business get a piece of the pie?

First of all, you need to market yourself correctly. Are you focusing your ads on the correct customer base for your business? This may seen like a simple concept, but the tighter you market your products, the better your ads will work. You will see a higher return on your ads.

Write an effective ad! Focus on a few items instead of the whole book. Use catchy titles. Create the need and be descriptive. What service are you offering? Product, shipping, wrapping?

Look for something to set your business apart from the masses. Find a niche with respect to your holiday line. Does your company have special lines, or scents for the holidays?

Create special groupings and price them accordingly. Do gift baskets and market them to men for their wives. Wish lists work well too for wives to hint to their hubby’s of their desires. Dress up regular items with holiday flair. Cello products work well and remember to think creatively or have a friend help you if you don’t have the knack. Friends love free product once in a while!

Craft shows are an excellent way to make a hit. Open houses are an Awesome way to treat your customers to some time with you and some great items as well. Don’t forget church bazaars or get together with other vendors and do your own show.

Do a special sale by flyer or phone. Check out consignment shops and place some product there. Carry product with you and some cute wrappings and have gifts on the fly.

Put on your thinking cap! Each of our businesses is unique because we are all unique. Capitalize on that and do something out of the norm. Remember the phrase, expect the unexpected? That’s how you need to look at your business and you will become the unexpected! What an awesome business you will create!


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