Smack me upside the head

You know, I just love it when someone sends me something that makes me want to smack myself upside the head and go DUH!

Reading the newsletter from Regina tonight has made me do that. Regina sure knows how to make me say WOW as I read her message about being a Christian in Business. I have reconfirmed my direct sales business for 2008 with my business plan and I know now that I have made the perfect choice. I am aligning myself with winners not whiners and woohooo! I am going to take this as far as I can with the Lord’s blessing and honor.

Thanks Regina for your inspirations, Again! You Rock, Woman!

XXOO Chris

1 thought on “Smack me upside the head

  1. Hey Chris,

    God is awesome isn’t He? He ministered His word through me in which I’m totally humbled and honored to be a part of. May He continue to enrichly bless your business in 2008 (and the years to come)… Write it plain 🙂

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement.

    Love you!

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