Tooting your own horn

Sometimes I really suck at this. Why would that be?

I know I offer a valuable tool for other direct sellers. I know I offer a solution to making money to pay your electric bill. I know that I am a resourse to others, so why is it that I often forget to toot my own horn?

It has not become second nature. But you know what? We are only 5 days into 2008 and I am learning so quickly this brand new year, that I am worthy of so much more that what I have been given and what I have asked for.

I am worth my weight in gold. Others would Love to be a partner with me. Many more will use my information to fulfill their dreams and desires. I am really good at a lot of things. It is a matter of finding the nuggets out there that know it too.

Until then, I will practise tooting my own horn, because you cannot wait for others to do it for you!

What say you?

1 thought on “Tooting your own horn

  1. Many years ago I went to a career development day training course and the speaker recommended “Pack Your Own Parachute” as a great reference guide. I am all for “tooting your own horn”, and as I venture into transitioning into my retirement career…I believe I have much knowledge to offer that will benefit others. Glad you feel this way too! Thanks for sharing.

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