Using Referrals for your DS business

Want an awesome gift to give yourself today?? Grow your business!!!

HOW?? !Referrals!

In our busy, crazy lives sometimes expanding our customer base is put by the wayside. We are busy in our business and we are busy in our family life and sometimes we find the weeks just flying by. So if we are so busy all the time, expanding our business using referrals in an awesome tool to use! But How?

The easiest place to start of course is with our current customers. Simply asking the – Who do you know that would enjoy my product and services – does more for you than you can do on your own sometimes.

Let’s face it. You know how great your product is otherwise you would not be selling it. But if someone else tells you how great a product is, you would be more inclined to try it. Testimonials are powerful!

Rewarding your customer in an awesome way to speak on your behalf to their friends and family. Free gifts or a discount on a special product is a perfect way of saying Thank you. Giving incentives or having a contest is fun as well.

Your great customer service will make it easy for your customers to spread the word about your business. Do not be embarrassed to use it or ask. Your customer wants to be involved in your business. They enjoy your products and will be a great tool in growing your business.

Set a goal today to put a referral system in place for your
business. Spread the word to your customers via flyer, sticker,
phone call or whatever medium you choose. Stick to it and refer to it often when speaking to your customers. Simply saying, “I reward for referrals” as a reminder will bring great results!

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