Are business cards really the end all be all?

I was really surprised this week when talking to a small business owner that I am working with. She made a comment that she doesn’t leave business cards when she makes calls because she knows that they will more than likely throw them out.

Now I was kinda speachless at this, but not knowing her very well, I just made a mental note to write about it and get your opinions.

Personally my first response would then to make sure that they had Plenty of cards on hand so if they did accidently throw it out, I knew they would have more. Sort of like the scene in Harry Potter when the owls kept delivering the mail by the thousands to make sure that Harry recieved his letter inviting him to Hogwarts. *grin* Of course not literally.

Then I got to thinking just how much potential business she was really missing? What if the customer did want a quote after she left? Who would he call? What about referrals? Who would he tell his friends or associates to call?

I don’t know about you, but I really think that a business card is the cheapest yet most effective type of advertising you can do. Now I am in business for myself so you can bet your booties that I will be passing my cards out like water. And when I blow her sales out of the water, I can just grin and keep it all to myself!


5 thoughts on “Are business cards really the end all be all?

  1. I find the whole business card topic quite interesting. I don’t understand why people are constantly buying cheap business cards and leaving cheap impressions. The business card as you mentioned can be the most effective advertising tool, how people are standing out needs more consideration. That little card can trigger some spark just by design or font choice alone..ending up in a rolodex instead of someone’s back pocket. Potential customers appreciate the creativity and quality and shows dedication to detail which speaks miles about the product or service being introduced. That’s just my two cents…

  2. Interesting!

    Business cards seem like a great follow up tool for the potential client.

    Does this woman have a more effective follow up process?

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    Jodi Rosenberg
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  3. Honestly I don’t think she has a more effective follow up tool other than making an effort to go back to the potential new client again. But what if that doesn’t work out? A lost opportunity in my eyes.


  4. Business cards have always been a huge hit for my business. I give them to all prospects and also my clients I always give several too, as they have always given them out for me as well.

    Business card marketing is one of the best proven methods of advertising!

  5. I totally agree that business cards are one of the best ways to continually keep your name “out there.” There have been times I have been called back by someone I may have met months ago who kept my card and is now interested in my business.

    As well as traditional business cards, business card size “flyers” or “sizzle cards” are great to leave everywhere!

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