Free or Discount?

Do you feel compelled to give a free gift or give a discount for a customer or party?


I think direct sellers and wahms come pre programmed to have to offer something free or give a discount. I am not sure why this is. Are we not allowed to make the full amount of profit we are due? Are you embarassed to make money off of a customer or party guest? Do you feel that you are gaining something more than what you would have normally sold with the free item or discount? Have you added up the difference in your profit on sales like that?

Yes I am full of questions today, but this really has me stimied.
Direct sales companies that are geared to party sales have products to offer the hostess already. Do we really need to sweeten the pot?

How much do you give away with games and such?

I am going to challenge you to do a party that you give away no more than $5 in products or promo’s. Can you do it?

The name of the game here is to make money so we can STAY at Home. The guys do get annoyed when we do not make enough money and that is when we start hearing that we are goofing around, we are not serious in making money, We are dabbling. Why don’t you go get a real job?

So take a hard look at what you give away in profit at each party and seriously do something to change it. We are here to make money and be proud about it!

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