Special promos can drive sales

But don’t you think they have to be very special and carefully selected?

What type of promos do you run that generates the most participation?

Do you do certian promos at special times of the year?

Offline, I do two sales a year. That’s it. One is an open house in the fall and the other is a big, fat clearance sale (and I call it that LOL) I do in Jan or Feb. My customers know that is what I do and expect them. I love it too because I don’t have to discount or do other promos.

Online, I usually taylor the promo to my target market. I usually do not have to do much as we talked about prior in Free or Discount, my company provides awesome pricing and deals, so why should I over compensate it to get a sale. Buying a customer will not bring you more customers. It wil bring you a one time customer. And how much did that customer COST you?

Thank about that and let me know.

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