Shocked and Dismayed

You know the longer I am online, the more junk I see. I am really shocked and dismayed at the fact that I have seen blatant stealing of ads that are created by other people. Stolen for use by someone else, whether in the same business or not.

What the heck? Is the net really becoming a sess pool for people who have no imagination of their own? I have seen it in direct sellers and I have to say, it really makes me mad! We work our butts off and struggle online to make a living and some Newbie or even no so Newbie ( that Really torques me! ) comes along and steals an ad and uses it for their own? I don’t think so.

Direct Sellers are trying to build a reputation online with honesty and intergrity and I am not willing to allow someone to Steal and get away with it!

What retribution do we have? Demanding it be removed from any place it was posted? Whoopie. The fact is that person is Dishonest and yet is still able to sell online and conduct “business”. What if they stole an ad and had it printed in the newspaper. What would happen then? Bigger trouble than online, that’s for sure.

We need a probation office for online offenders or something….. behave for 6 months and maybe we will let you back on the fourms or allow them to advertise again. Where is the Internet police when you need them?


2 thoughts on “Shocked and Dismayed

  1. I hear you Chris! As a copywriter I see a lot of my work in a variety of places. I see quotes from articles I’ve written that aren’t attributed to me. It does indeed happen a lot.

    I did a Press Release for someone who decided she wasn’t going to use it so decided also that she wouldn’t pay me! Then to add insult to injury I found that she HAD posted the Press Release I’d written.

    Make sure that you’ve protected your work with copyright. Then you have legal recourse.


  2. I’ve wondered about this as well as I have had many of my ads taken. I even had someone use my email account (with my password, don’t know how they got that) to send out an ad to my contacts with their information. There isn’t much I can do about it except change my password. This guy is in China!? What am I suppose to do? There really isn’t anything I completely agree that we need something to stop all this crazy stuff.

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