Inventory – love it or hate it

You can love it or you can hate it, but inventory can make or break you and your business. Too much inventory means you are not making actual cash money in your pocket. Your profits are tied up in Stuff. When inventory levels are too high, our natural inclination is to dump it. But dumping product means, less cash in our pocket! What?

Well think about it. You are lowballing your price, “having a sale”, in order to move inventory you were compelled to buy for whatever reason.

So what is the point?

Do yourself a favor and keep your money in your pocket, your profits where they should be, and keep your inventory to nil or pretty dang close to it.

Remember, you are in business to make money, not have all the stuff instead.

3 thoughts on “Inventory – love it or hate it

  1. Great post Chris! You are exactly right about feeling like you need to dump product … I’m going to forward this on to someone I just had this conversation with! LOL

    Great blog 😉 *SmiLes* Suzanne

  2. Chris, as a Mary Kay beauty consultant, I’ve been trying to strike a balance in having enough inventory and not buying to much where I have to give it away. This is a insightful article for newbie independant sales agents.. I enjoyed it

  3. Great insight. I believe this also keeps the emphasis on selling as opposed to purchasing inventory to get the numbers up and then dumping the product as you’ve stated. Been there done that! Will not make that mistake again!

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