Getting high on work?

I must be getting sick!

Never in my life have I enjoyed and wanted to work more. I think about who I can talk to. I plan my follow ups and do them religously. I wake up early and happy about working. Its like my mind cannot shut off. I am on hyper drive.

The wierdest part about this is it is ALL by personal (not phone) cold call.

What? Eeeewwww

See what I mean about thinking I am sick? But it is the thrill of the sale that makes it so exciting. It is meeting people with the need for my product. It is finding the solution to their problem. It is like a high when I close a sale and it is feeding me energy.

Direct Sales is exactly that, ladies and gentlemen. Whether you are selling someone a product, service or introducing them to your business as a partner, you are filling a need. Finding the solution to their problem.

To those of you who dread cold calling or talking to “strangers”, allow yourself to embrace and love your business and your neighbor. It is only then that you can feel comfortable talking to others about their needs. You cannot just meet someone and go into a sales pitch, you have to talk to them and learn about them and care about them. You are not selling a product or a recruitment, you are offering the solution.

It is a mindset change, yes. But one that will change your business as well. Think about it and give it a try.

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