I think I am there….

You know what really sucks is that I jot down all these great ideas for posts, articles and weekly tips and such because I can’t remember this mornings breakfast anymore, but now I can’t remember where I put my list. So I guess the tip for today will be use the same notebook to write down your thoughts, goals and not scraps of paper somewhere on your desk. GRRRR

Does this mean I am suggesting organization in your office? NOOOooooo!! Am I getting senile? Old?…. *sigh*

3 thoughts on “I think I am there….

  1. I must have a million notebooks with all of my great notes in them, I just can’t remember which page I wrote them on…LOL!

  2. Oh yes! I can sooo relate to that! And if I really organize things, then I really can’t find anything. LOL

  3. Chris, this is a great article, I use color coding notebooks for my clients and my personal projects…for example for one website all the folders and notebooks will be black, for clients I use green for money, for personal I might choose gold ect..so when I’m looking for notes I can identify what’s in it by the color…it works pretty good for me. I picked that strategy up when I was doing my web design internship.
    Thanks for sharing.

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