Weathering the Weather

With fall coming rather quickly, it is time to gather all of the rainly day items needed for your craft show.  A friend of mine told me she was at a show in the fall and it started sleeting.  YAY

But that is something we need to be prepared for.  If your canopy has sides, get them cleaned,  check for repairs needed and put them in a tote.  Also include extra bungee cords and zip ties to hold the sides.  If you don’t have sides, get to pricing them now and order them before you need them. 

Protecting your product is a biggee as well.  Extra tarps can help protect your stuff in a downpour as well as being used on the ground to protect from wet grass.  Make sure to have spikes or something similar to keep them in the ground.  If you have extra product, think about using plastic totes instead of cardboard to transport your items to the shows.  Wet grass and rain will make moving things messy.

Also don’t forget your personal rainy day gear or if it cools down quickly where you live, your sweaters and gloves.

Being prepared will make your show a winner even if you get a bit soggy.  Hard core shoppers don’t mind a bit of rain, so be ready and keep that smile on your face!

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