Unique Business Cards

Business cards are the life blood of a direct seller or Anyone in business in order to market themselves effectively. But have you used your business card to really set yourself apart? Chances are that when you are talking with someone and hand them your business card, is it stuffed in a pocket and we hope that it is filed in a roloadex. But it could be tossed. Let’s increase the chances of our business card from being the one chunked in the trash.

One idea, especially for women, is to dress up your card. Add a small ribbon or some tulle. What about scrapbooking paper on the back or a decorative sticker on the front? Something that ties into your business. If you are selling makeup, a sticker or stamp of red lips would be cute on the front. If you are sellling cleaning supplies, find something unique like a feather from a duster or something. I have also seen cards placed into little cello bags with samples of their products with them.

Another idea is to use the back of your card. Place an ad on the back or a calendar or something of value. People tend to hang on to cards that have a value to them.

When you are handing out your card, make sure you hand it to the recipient with the back side up, so they do see the offer on the back and they have to flip the card to see who you are, increasing the chances of remembering you.

These are just a few good ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Let’s see what you can come up with.

Have Fun!

3 thoughts on “Unique Business Cards

  1. Hi Carol – great tips!

    I left room on my business card design to add stickers from thebooster.com. I like to use “call me anytime to order” or “Now Hiring”, or “book a show” stickers the best. I staple my card to the front of every catalogue package that I hand out at my shows. Marlo

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