Talking Prim

I just love Prim crafts. From the darling fonts to the clip art and printables, I love Prim. I love looking at all of the crafts people create with Prim designs. The black crows, berry vines, stars, annies, salt box houses. You know what I mean.

Unfortunately where I live it is not popular and you rarely see Prim anywhere. I always wanted to have a craft business using Prim items, but I am afraid it would not be successful because this area is not known for it. Would they even “Get It”? I did get some stars and berry vines for decorations for my display. And I also had special prim price lables and biz cards made for my candles. Red Stars with Berry vines and checkerboard border on kraft stock. Whoopie. LOL

Well I guess my small doses of Prim will have to do me for now until I can figure out how to introduce it to the world over here. Hmmmmmmm

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