Infomercials sell products, so can you

My friend Deb Bixler is so good to me. She sent me an article to share with you about Home Shows. I know it will help your business since she is the queen of a cash flow show, just what we need right now! Don’t let the economy dictate your cash flow.

Title: Turn Your Home Party Into An Infomercial

Infomercials Sell Products
By Deb Bixler All Right Reserved

Your home party should include all the key selling tools that infomercials use so effectively. Have you ever watched an infomercial and had the compulsion to buy the product even thought you have no use for it? Infomercials are really good at creating desire and therefore they are really good at selling products.

1. Product Knowledge: You do not have to know it all perfectly, just be sure you have learned the product information found in your use and care guidelines for the products you are showing.
2. Repetition: Repeat the important things over and over. Talk about the most valuable products at least three times. Your most valuable products are your collections that create desire, your opportunity to host a show and the opportunity to create an additional stream of income. I recommend sprinkling about the opportunities at least 20 times each.
3. Testimonials: Get your guests to talk about the products.
4. Sidekick: Who is your side kick? The loud mouth, the past host, the current host or anyone who presents themselves.
5. Urgency: Monthly specials, seasonal products, change of catalog (discontinued items) can all create a sense of urgency. You can also create a sense of urgency with your word choices.
6. The Wow Factor: Wow! I can’t believe it my self!! Using exciting word choices and being excited about your product and services brings in the wow factor. Your side kick can also assist in this area if she/he is someone who just loves your product line!

Take some time to watch infomercials so you can take advantage of this powerful tool to increase your show sales.

To find out more about selling like an infomercial, go to Deb’s site Create A Cash Flow Show and see what tricks she has up her sleeve!


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