VA for Direct Sales Leaders

Many times leaders are swamped with the details of having a large
group and some thing we mean to get around to do, just get pushed aside. With running our own business and assisting others to become successful, its no wonder that we can get overwhelmed sometimes.

I know you have heard of VA’s. VA’s or Virtual Assistants, can really
make a difference in your business. Instead of working on administrative
things, you can be out making money, either by recruiting or sales to
your own customers.

Here is a company that is dedicated to the Direct
Sales Industry. Direct Sales has been a customer of mine for about a year and I clunked myself on the head today and said I need to tell you all about her. DUH. Going by the name Excellent Virtual Office Services (EVOS), Dierdre Cook has been in the DS business for over 10 yrs and has many qualifications to handle your administrative needs for your business.

If you are swamped or just want to become more active and involved in
training and communicating with your group, go see Dierdre at
Direct Sales VA and see what she can do to improve your business. I know I couldn’t survive without my VA.

Hope this helps your business!

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