Is Procrastination Killing Your Business?

I have had some problems with this topic this week so I thought I would revisit an article I wrote in the past.. Enjoy!

Is Procrastination Killing Your Business?
by Chris Carroll
All rights reserved

How much time do you waste on the internet surfing, checking out other sites, posting to message boards? Are you spending valuable time on these activities when you are supposed to be working? Have you ever calculated the time spent in non productive work?

If not, you could be quietly killing your business and not even realize it!

We all have those projects we really want to get done, but just don’t want to spend the time doing it.
“It is such a super idea, but it is soooooo much work!”
“I have all this laundry looking at me.”
“I have to check my email in case someone needs something.”
“I need to check my networks one more time in case, in case in case….”

Sound Familiar?

You know the old joke “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer “One bite at a time”. Well that is what we need to do with our large projects we just can’t get our hands around. That is what we need to think about when we are surfing instead of writing or creating or selling.

If we do not work “One Bite at a Time”, how we will we ever reach our goals and create what our dreams are made of? Don’t let Procrastination Kill your Business! In this time and environment of sales and marketing, the time you are wasting is the time your competitor is spending building her business and affecting your business!
Chris Carroll is a sales professional that has made direct sales her business of choice and enjoys sharing with others. You can sign up for her newsletter that sends you tips on managing and increasing your business. Direct Sales Talk

3 thoughts on “Is Procrastination Killing Your Business?

  1. I try not to procrastinate and get it out my system. So far, I am doing well.

  2. Sorry it took me so long to read this post … I was procrastinating! Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow 🙂

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