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This is a true story and I want to get your take on what should have happened or if this is ok to do.

My friend and I went to a party and there was a major makeup company rep there and we had facials done under much duress, meaning the rep would not let us go w/out having it done. So my friend ended up purchasing quite a bit of product. A few days later she gets a message from said rep and was told that she overcharged her by $30. My friend tried to call her back several times and no call was returned. She finally got the rep on her cell after 5 days. The rep told her she overcharged her and that she does not give refunds.

ummmm WHAT?

After my friend asked why, she said that was her policy and that she could go to her website and Order $60 in mdse and the rep would pay the $30 that was owed. So she is getting $60 in msde for $30 in cash.

Ok, question is…1) is this acceptable in this instance and 2) her return policy is not stated nor printed anywhere at the parties and 3) do you agree with this type of policy?

My issue is that it was Her mistake, not a product that my friend want to return. Also it means that the rep is getting an additional $60 in sales by forcing her or anyone else to order more stuff that she may or may not want.

What is your take? Is this a good business practice or should this rep have to go to direct sales customer service school?

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  1. WHAT?!!!!!!!
    Ok, even if co. has a no return policy it wasn’t like she ordered something and didn’t want it… the REP SCREWED UP! The rep overcharged her, thus the rep should credit her back no if’s, and’s, but’s about it.
    I’d be calling the main company directly.
    As far as the manner in which the rep got y’all to do the facials is also another matter, there is no way that that’s the way to do things. Reps, sales people, etc. should not ‘force’ a sale. People like this annoy me!

  2. Very poor form. I do my best to go above and beyond in regular circumstances and when I mess up?? I will bend over backwards to make it ok and then some. This person needs some schooling 🙂

  3. “Poor sales practices ultimately lead to poor sales performance.”
    The customer should contact the company directly regarding her concerns.

  4. That situation makes my blood boil! That representative has a complete lack of integrity! In my opinion, your friend should take her problem straight to the corporate office. That Representative has probably done that to other customers and gotten away with it. It’s reprehensible!

  5. That is a complete CROCK! She should immediately contact the home office. I find it hard to believe that this is acceptable by ANY major (or minor) direct selling company.

    And on the off chance that she located this gal online, I would also post to any group available about her tactics!

  6. In my opinion this has nothing to do with a return policy? She does not have anything to return. If the rep over charged her by $30 then she needs to refund her the money. It is not a return it’s giving back what she should not have taken. I would advise her to call the corporate office and I”m sure they will resolve this.

    Good Luck.

  7. The customer needs to call the corporate office.

    All consultants are independent and the company needs to be involved.

    In these times, I too would bend over backward to service my customer.

    I would say this is an “un trained consultant” we all have them.

  8. I would have the customer call corporate.
    The consultant is most likely “untrained”
    We all have them. Sad to say.

    I’m sure the corporate will get on the consultant

  9. It is totally unacceptable behavior from
    a rep. I believe that your friend should
    contact the main office directly and lodge
    a complaint.


  10. I agree with everyone else here. It is very poor business pratice to do what this rep is doing. I would be calling head office about this.
    This rep needs to be schooled in proper business ethics for sure.

  11. well I am glad to know its not just me who thinks there is something wrong here. Now to talk my GF into calling the HQ… probably not going to happen. Maybe I can call in on the sly.

  12. Bummer! Pushy and unethical … bad rep. Like was mentioned … it’s NOT a return … it’s returning HER money and no one should be forced to purchase more product after a mistake in math. Too bad … I’d like to think this gal just needs some training … but training or not … common sense would say … huh? Hope it gets resolved easily … the problem with these situations is everyone is usually “connected” through the host and the rep … so it becomes very uncomfortable for all involved. Sorry to heat about it and thanks for sharing. *SmiLes* Suzanne

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